How do BYOB strip clubs work?

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BYOB is an acronym for bring your own bottle. If you see a strip club advertised as BYOB this means they do not sell alcohol. Not because they don’t want to, because local and state ordinance s prohibit them from doing so.  You may however bring your own alcohol at BYOB clubs.  This can be beers, spirits wine or champagne.   This can be unpleasant since many clubgoers consider a strip club without alcohol to be depraved as a hotdog without the bun.  The tradeoff for most BYOB strip clubs is they can stay open later and offer full nude entertainment.   Bringing your own beverage also means you save on not buying those expensive drinks strip clubs mark up.     

What happens at BYOB Strip Club?

If you are planning on visiting a BYOB Gentlemen’s club, call ahead and find out what’s allowed and what you have to pay for.   Fancier strip clubs allow BYO anything except for beer, so asking ahead can save you the pain of leaving a 6 pack in a hot car. Mixers such as juices or sodas are usually not allowed.  This is because clubs offer mixers as a service for a fee. At many BYOB strip clubs, you can expect to pay extra for mixers, cups, ice and coolers.  Since they don’t sell alcohol, this is how they make their profits.   

ARe BYOB clubs for people 18 and older?

BYOB clubs allow guests to be 18 and older to enter.  Many clubs that serve alcohol only allow guests 21 and older.  So if you can’t wait for your first strip club visit, a BYOB club is the better option.  BYOB clubs have a cover charge.  The cover price depends on where you’d like to sit.   This could be for main floor seating or VIP.  Main floor and stage seating is usually on a first come first served basis.   VIP seating usually comes with a better view of the club popular areas and stages and include plush comfortable seating.  BYOB clubs also offer semi private rooms, where guests can enjoy intimate alone time in our various luxurious suites.    So now that you know more about BYOB clubs, perhaps a visit is in your immediate future.